Permaculture Volunteer

Permaculture Volunteer & Permaculture Work Exchange

For anyone committed to holisitic living, organic gardening, permaculture, or simply working with nature, we warmly welcome you to join one of our work exchange programs. Our goals include working towards sustainability, holistic and healthy living, and creating a blooming Sunshine Coast permaculture community where all involved are benefited by the communion with nature and each other.

The work exchange program; volunteers put effort into developing permaculture food systems, mulching, planting garden veggies and trees, pruning, harvesting, looking after animals, food preserving, building, cleaning, some office work and the like. We ask four hours a day, five days a week for , accommodation,  services, basic training and holistic organic living as part of the WWOOF program, see WWOOF ref No- QN01 For those with qualification or demonstrable experience arrangements can be made to include meals. all arrangements include access to developing food from permaculture gardens.

Being at Noosa Forest Retreat offers a unique and very rewarding experience overall because you are exposed to permaculture and the cycles of nature through the work exchange. After garden time, refresh your body and mind by cooling off in the pond or rock pools, taking a bushwalk through the forest National Park, or hanging out on a cozy seat on our verandah. We can’t have a good community without good people, so you are encouraged to join in the fun and find out for yourself what Noosa Forest Retreat has to offer.

To apply for permaculture volunteer work exchange position goto & complete application at; Note you must be a member of WWOOF Australia.

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Internships:  Are similar to volunteer positions with a more structured program providing a course of practical farm experience to extend on the theoretical as taught in the 72 hour PDC ( online) Completion of the PDC is a requirement for all internship programs. For Internships details & applicationds gotoPermaculture Internship Queensland Organic Farm