Visionary Art Retreat 2021

The Visionary Art Retreat 2021 with Jhana Bowen:
A weekend retreat around arts & health.

Treat yourself, learn new skills, and stay at the Bellbunya Eco-Village, a world-class eco-community with a stunning nature to explore.


At Bellbunya Eco-Village

114 Browns Road, Belli Park, 4562 QLD, Australia

Saturday & Sunday // 03-04 April 2021

Reconnect With Nature

The 2021 Visionary Art Retreat at Bellbunya Eco-Village – stay at a stunning, world-class eco-community, with a wide range of accomodation options to suit your needs. 

Discover Natural Earth Pigments

Restore your connection to the natural environment as you source your art materials from the natural environment. Learn how you can make your own natural earth based pigments for your paintings.

Paint Your Own Masterpiece

You will work on your very own masterpiece over this weekend.

Using your own naturally sourced earth pigments.

We will go out and source the pigments in nature.

Then you’ll learn how to use them in your painting.

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