Vegetarian accommodation; holiday, home, getaway, farm stay, retreat & permaculture Sunshine Coast Queensland.

Vegetarian Accommodation

also welcoming of  non vegetarians

Vegetarian accommodation at two locations on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia;  a grass roots permaculture hinterland retreat and a luxury beach front resort.

Both Sunshine Coast accommodation locations utilise  permaculture and principle of honouring individual choice and diversity. Although specialising in vegetarian suitable accommodation and cuisine, both accommodation options also  cater for those who are not vegetarian.

Vegetarian Accommodation in Permaculture Course

Nestled in the foothills of Mother Mountain , Noosa hinterland right in the heart of Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia Noosa Forest Retreat offers very affordable short to long term private and share budget accommodation  staying on a developing sunshine Coast Permaculture Co-Op farm. A private  grass roots permaculture Sunshine Coast property perfectly situated in the subtropical Noosa hinterland, (Sunshine Coast, Australia).  A Share property slowly developing  organic gardens growing a variety of healthy fresh  food utilising organic and permaculture principles. The Ideal location for  healthy accommodation, budget accommodation, affordable holiday accommodation  or a self managed personal retreat for vegetarians.

Work exchange and some paid work is available at this location for those with a PDC & experience or qualification in horticulture. Ownership options exist with Limited Permaculture land sale and share options remaining text 0400  80 33 933 to apply. work includes helping develop Organic permaculture food systems and with weekly food box delivery to the greater Sunshine Coast Community & also with help at Beach Health retreat,  see below.

There is also land available (fenced & unfenced) for lease for small crops, flowers or animal care, cows, goats, chickens.

We also operate Beach Health Retreat, a beach front resort offering healthy accommodation and customised personal retreat programs especially catering for vegetarians. Beach Health Retreat offers vegetarian experience programs,  educating and empowering guests to understand the facts & beyond this to  actually experience the amazing benefits of a natural pure vegetarian lifestyle. Whether or not you choose to be a vegetarian long term the short term benefits of a vegetarian diet (when correctly balanced)  have a profound benefit to ones whole being;  mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. To experience this for oneself leads to a knowing beyond all intellectual debate. Meditation, vegetarian diet and or spiritual fasting are the three most powerful contributors to personal transformation and heart opening. Many of our cultures very founders utilised these techniques and were vocal advocates of their benefit. Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras,  Gandhi, Leonardo De-Vince, the Essenes and leaders in all fields of endeavour are vegetarian or vegan.  Gandhi actually attributed his energy vitality and success in retaining India’s independence to his vegetarian diet and spiritual fasting. Einstein said of Gandhi that he was one of the most amazing beings to ever grace the planet.

“Nothing will benifit human health… as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet”   Albert Einstein

The Vedic texts are the very foundation of Yoga and Ayurveda authority and describe very clearly the numerous benefits to ones spiritual and mental progress obtained from  being vegetarian or abstaining from eating meat.  A Vegetarian diet is considered by the Vedas to be in the mode of goodness (sattvic) and to provide powerful benefits in terms of

Purifying ones existence, increasing energy and vitality, increasing quality
of complexion, giving strength, health, happiness and satisfaction. Bg. 17.

By subsisting on pure fruits and roots, and by eating food fit for forest
ascetics one gains the greatest health benefits. Manu-samhita 5.54-55

The discarding of meat is the highest refuge of all religion and of
happiness. Mahabharata, Anu. 115.33

Whether to utilise our  healthy accommodation  for a vegetarian holiday, a personal retreat, short or long term healthy accommodation, to
have a full guided vegetarian transition program, or a spiritual  journey deep into your self with a customised spiritual fasting program; Beach Health Retreat offers  a private getaway haven for your needs.

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