Syntropic Farming

Thriving food forests through Syntropic farming

Syntropic farming takes over the permaculture world. Cutting edge new knowledge & strategies to kickstart and maintain thriving food forests.


What is Syntropic farming?

This short video explains it very well:


Who started it?

Syntropic farming, a system invented and explored by Swiss farmer Ernst Gotsch, who purchased 480 hectares of degraded farming land in Brazil in 1984.

Mr Gotsch spent lots of time observing his natural rainforest and learning from the native indigenous people, before exploring new strategies to grow his own crops.

Byron Bay farmer Thiago Barbosa has worked with Mr Gotsch on successive Syntropic farming projects in Brazil and is a forerunner of the technique in Australia and is working with Ian Trew to set up Syntropic farming systems at Noosa Forest Retreat.


What’s the difference to permaculture?

One of the most asked questions right now:

What’s the difference between Syntropic farming & permaculture?


Syntropic farming at Noosa Forest Retreat

We practice Syntropic farming and Noosa Forest Retreat and started the first rows of food forests using these techniques. Pictures coming soon!