Our philosophy is one of Holisitic integrated living whereas the health of the individual is seen as inseparable from the health of the community and the greater ecology. Cultural interests and practices at Noosa Forest Retreat  encompasses principles of permaculture, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, vegetarianism, organic living, syntropic gardening all seen as powerful healing modalities able to contribute to necessary personal, community,  ecological and financial  balance on this planet. We endeavour to open heartedly invite, involve, train and inspire individuals from all backgrounds aiming towards integration and co-operation with nature and each other as opposed to competition and segregation. Most of our founding members are for various reasons vegetarian and we offer full support to those interested in and valuing a vegetarian lifestyle & vegetarian lifestyle.  Education; Noosa Forest Retreat offers a number of educational, experiential and private personal well being packages by arrangement. Our main offering is the permaculture design certificate course (PDC). for details of our next PDC see our  Permaculture Design Certificate Course Page. In line with our philosophy of inviting, involving and inspiring a diversity of individuals we have various work exchange packages available that allow wellbeing programs and Permaculture Design Certificate Courses to be completed with part or full work exchange. We also offer scholarships for our Permaculture design Certificates made possible by donations of previous students or partnerships with other organisations.   See Permaculture Design Certificate Course Page.