Permaculture Land Sale

Permaculture Land Sale Sunshine Coast – Property Sale &

Love holistic community living? Interested in your own private holistic retreat, healthy permaculture Sunshine Coast community living or holiday home in Queensland Australia? Looking to be part of a sustainable permaculture Sunshine Coast community permanently or seasonally? Well, there is unique Noosa hinterland organic Sunshine Coast permaculture land sale available for purchase! There are a few options:

Permaculture Land Sale Options on the Sunshine Coast

  • Freehold five acres organic permaculture land sale complete with house
  • Five year leases on organic land with house, North facing fertile soil, fresh water stream from National Park


For More Info Call 0400 80 33 93

Permaculture Sunshine Coast Property Shares and Noosa hinterland Land Sale options include freehold ownership of organic land for sale or lease of land and house. Vendor finance is available for land sale, as well as part work exchange and rent-to-own. You can be a part of our growing permaculture and organic systems, or simply enjoy the lovely, green setting surrounded by lush forests. Escape suburbia’s honking horns and polluted air and replace it with the calming sounds of cheerful birds, leaves rustling in the wind, and the fragrance of flowers and Tulsi.

If any of these offers appeal to you, please contact Ian Trew at 0400 80 33 93. Preferably, send a text with your email address and what you are interested in knowing more about. Are you interested in a healthy sunshine coast permaculture lifestyle? Limited accommodation is available long term (subject to availability)  which provides opportunity to rent before buying to explore the land before purchasing. Note NFR is 4 co-operating neigbours on 4 titles with only 1 remaining for resale, currently operated as share long term lease. see Noosa Forest Retreat accommodation.