Permaculture Internship Queensland Organic Farm

Permaculture Internships offered at Noosa Forest Retreat holistic permaculture community on the Sunshine Coast Queensland are usually for a period of from 3 to 6 months. Permaculture Internships with NFR offer the opportunity to develop practical skills, understanding and experience while living on and helping out on a Queensland subtropical community property. A bit like a volunteer but with ongoing supervision and assistance with special attention to topics of particular interest. Interships are only available for those who have completed the 72 hour PDC (either residential or online)

The idea is that by the end of the internship you will have some experience and competency in each of the PDC topics, with confidence to set up and maintain your own sustainable systems or work with others who are doing this. We can work out an internship program with a fair degree of flexibility depending on how long you are able to dedicate to internship and how much you want to get through each week. For eg we have had interns who have done internship part time at the same time been studying. One of ex residents has just won the Sunshine Coast sustainability award for his great work on an organic school food garden, others who have had part time work, and or were recovering from chronic fatigue and only wanted to do 10 hours per week.

Past residents of NFR involved with practical permaculture training are now active at various locations around Queensland and the greater world in roles from installing and managing there own gardens, charity organisations working with the needy to teaching permaculture.

Noosa Forest Retreat property is also able to offer advanced training in permaculture which are similar periods of practical work covering a pre set curriculum of topics. We are able to incorporate tuition and guidance in natural health, Jhana yoga and holistic counselling which would involve some time at our world class Beach Health Retreat on the Sunshine Coast.

The PDC is very theoretical, idea of internships and diplomas is to teach practical skills so that you will actually be able to plan out your own or another’s property, install various water and nutrient cycling systems to build soil fertility, yield and stability, integrate animal systems with compassion, make a 28 day compost, build and look after a work farm or chickens, plant a fruit tree the right way in the right location, set up an irrigation system, measure out, create & develop a swale water harvesting system etc

To register interest  for Permaculture Internship and permaculture specialty training programs please goto;  Accommodation Volunteer Application