Garden Design, Implementation & Maintenance Service

Permaculture Garden design, Permaculture Consultation, implementation, maintenance and ongoing support.

permaculture consultant

Whether you envision potted medicinal herbs for your veranda, a productive backyard annual garden, or a fully committed Permaculture property, the staff at Noosa Forest Retreat would love to assist you in creating a beautiful, sustainable, productive and healthy garden.

Noosa Forest Retreat Permaculture garden service begins with a initial property consultation which will explore different possibilities as per your needs and interests, analyse the soil, consider, suggest and supply plant species, and discuss elements like compost, chickens and water catchment and storage.

Following an initial consultation you may wish at this (or any stage)  to proceed yourself or engage us to complete a permaculture design, implement and even maintain your garden. We also specialise in managing and retrofitting existing gardens to become food gardens.

With 20 years of experience designing, implementing and maintaining sunshine coast permaculture and organic gardens, we can accelerate your path towards a greener and healthier environment for you, your family and the earth. We have extensive experience in a range of projects from urban homes, units, acreage properties and high density 4 star resorts.   As part of your initial garden permaculture consultation you will receive initial concept sketches and species lists utilising your requirements to finalise a design. You can begin your garden by yourself, or we can assist you in establishing your organic, permaculture garden together. We have a wealth of experience and personal to draw on whom collectively have achieved a number of design (social & physical) benchmarks in the last 20 years including building the smallest ever approved house for the Noosa Shire, helping install the first school gardens on the Sunshine Coast and creating the activist group HER that in conjunction with friends Of Noosa successfully fought for our own stand alone local council. Members and students of NFR have gone on to set up international charity organisations, teach permaculture at various other centres and even to win the Sunshine Coast Environment Award.

For rates and other information, contact garden consultant Ian Trew or one of our four staff educated in
Sunshine coast Permaculture Design. We can visit your property and help transform it into a Sunshine Coast permaculture paradise!