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Online Permaculture Courses (full PDC)

Join our young online permaculture community of  online permaculture design course students.

FREE introduction permaculture course online and flexible payment plans. Internationally recognised PDC.

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Residential Permaculture Course (full PDC)

12-day course. Internationally recognised PDC.

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Permaculture farm and community. To share permaculture and the permaculture farming methods being developed and practiced at Noosa Forest Retreat permaculture farming community and help develop and support a national and international sustainable permaculture community we are involved with and support Noosa Permaculture, Noosa Biosphere association and are member of land for wildlife and the permaculture research association. We also offer both a free online introduction and a comprehensive online permaculture course that covers history, ethics, principles, techniques, methodology & provides full instruction and support for students to be able to actually complete a design as part of the course to be able to develop your own, friends or clients properties by permaculture design.

Noosa Forest Retreat Permaculture farming community offers the full online permaculture design course (PDC), FREE introduction permaculture course and permaculture practical course including introduction to Syntropic farming & Syntropic gardening.  Be part of the  permaculture & syntropic farming eco movement taking the world by storm and learn how to create sustainable, holistic and ecological permaculture designs for yourself, family or as a job; inspiring and helping people  to live as “one with nature“.