Permaculture Definition

What is permaculture?

The true definition can be found if you take a closer look at the word: Permaculture. Lets put it into two parts: perma-culture. Perma is short for permanent and culture refers to our entire way of living with a particularly focus on growing healthy food. Now we put it together and voila! Constantly living! Does that makes sense?Permaculture as a growing international movement teaches the design and creation of  sustainable healthy human environments.In practice permaculture models natural systems to create organic self sustaining systems that meet human needs while looking after the planet.

Just like the ecological system does. Imagine there is a cow. She is living on a field and eats the grass creating urine & manure. And of course the worm  takes the cow manure deeper into the soil changing it to worm wee and worm manure (vermicast) which is gold for the soil making beautiful tunnels through the soil providing space for water and oxygen in the soil. This process  helps the grass grow in quality and quantity in turn providing more and better quality grass for the cow . This is one small example of the  cycle of life showing how all parts are interconnected all working together to build soil, air, water quality without waste.

If you want to find out more about our farm, permaculture  or maybe worms, contact us and do the Noosa Forest Retreat PDC (Permaculture-Design-Certification) which starts on the 11th of November!

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