Grow Your Own Natural Surfboard Permaculture style!


This is for all keen surfers, nature and ocean lovers. Did you know that you can have a all natural surfboard that looks great, is a buzz to ride and looks after the environment at all stages of its life; manufacture, use and post use (cradle to grave)  You do not “need” fiberglass resins, polystyrene fillers, finishes and plastic  to get a nice surfboard!

Polystyrene, 2 pack resins, fiberglass resins and finishes plastic fins and attachments are quick and cheap to manufacture but come with a hidden cost and toxicity both to the environment and to those that are exposed to these products during the manufacture process, during use and also when the equipment is finished with and becomes waste. Pioneers on the Sunshine Coast are now manufacturing surfboards  using  natural materials grown sustain-ably  on there own property utilizing everything from special species of organic grown timbers, bamboos and beeswax. Have a second look at the picture and also the  video below!….

Wooden Surfboard


Done? One pioneer Tom Wegener is utilizing  organically grown paulownia wood that is the perfect choice for building a natural organic surfboard, because its intrinsic properties make it resistant to salt water.  It works as you can see. And just in case of hitting the rocks to hard with your Timber board… What would you think of a nice Timbersurfboardpiecescampfire. There are a lot more. Instead of throwing just plastic left overs in the bin you could recycle the board and build a Surfboard letterbox, coffee table or bookshelf.  After creatively reusing  the wood from your recycled surfboard for a number of different items and or  functions it can still be used  as compost, returning the natural timber to soil for growing the next generation of Permaculture surfboards.

Be creative, be natural, be healthy.