Natural Building Course


Natural Building Course; January 1 to 9 2018.  $990 includes tuition, practical experience, food full use of student house and facilities and camping.  To book phone office on 07 5409 7577

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Natural Buildings can be crafted with just earth, stone and a shovel to create unique, beautiful, healthy, affordable and sustainable homes. Earth building (mud brick, earth bag,stone & cob building) construction is one of the simplest, fastest and most sustainable of all eco-building and natural building techniques. Utilising natural, local and sustainable materials, Earth building is the perfect companion for Sunshine Coast permaculture lifestyles.  Earth building is also one of the most flexible, for you can build self-supporting walls (square, round, etc) and retaining walls. It’s simplicity also makes it possible to build unique, beautiful, fun, sustainable and healthy structures with a small group of friends or family.

Natural Building is a extensive and inspiring subject that has many techniques, approaches and results. This course will present 10 earth building techniques and also introduce reciprocal roofs, green living roofs and combining the above.  we will also teach and provide experience with earth renders and natural paints.

Of the many earth building techniques, earthbag building is the most modern. It was invented in 1984 by Iranian architect Nader Khalili in response to a competition held by NASA for moon buildings and has gained much recognition since for its strength and earthquake resistance making it an ideal solution for disaster areas, emergency shelter or affordable housing. Course will also introduce the recent  Brazilian version of this technique known as ‘Hyper-Adobe‘.

Also covered will be a number of permaculture related topics including; natural nourishment, collaborative economy and group dynamics.


Natural building workshop, we  cover the history and the contemporary practices in earth building and construction. We will put into practice, step by step, the joy of building a wonderful outdoor kitchen, complete with arches and natural plasters. We will also see the and explore the integration of earth building into a sub tropical Sunshine Coast permaculture design.

Topics covered:

  • Preparation of the area and materials required
  • Foundations for earth building
  • 10 earth building techniques
  • reciprocal roofs
  • green/living roofs
  • Placement of doors and windows
  • Earth Plasters, renders and paints
  • Roof options i.e. domes, grass roof, etc.
  • collaborative economy tools & practices
  • group dynamics
  • natural nourishment
  • Integrating with permaculture principles to make suitable for range of  climates from temperate to tropcial

Permaculture Design Certificate Course & natural building.   Natural building including earth building is also covered during our PDC education course. For details see our  Permaculture Design Certificate Course page.

For rates and more information on our earthbag building workshops, please visit the contact us page.