In the Media

Noosa Forest Retreat featured in the media.

Wholesome healing at Noosa Forest Retreat

Article at Australian Wellbeing Magazine: What was the initial inspiration behind Noosa Forest Retreat and when did it all begin? To develop a community centred around nature and┬áhealthy food production┬árather than roads, cars and supermarkets. We founded Noosa Forest Retreat in 2004, where we offer permaculture education, affordable grassroots accommodation, permaculture internships, work exchange and […]

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Ian Trew at the Feel Good Community Podcast / Mahasoma

Laura Poole from the Feel Good Community podcast interviewed Ian Trew: Life, death, and everything in-between. Exploring the physical, psychological and spiritual world of Permaculture with Ian Trew from Noosa Forest Retreat Laura completed her permaculture PDC course with Ian at Noosa Forest Retreat in September, and fell in love with the way he spoke […]

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