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Ian Trew at the Feel Good Community Podcast / Mahasoma

Laura Poole from the Feel Good Community podcast interviewed Ian Trew:

Life, death, and everything in-between. Exploring the physical, psychological and spiritual world of Permaculture with Ian Trew from Noosa Forest Retreat

Laura completed her permaculture PDC course with Ian at Noosa Forest Retreat in September, and fell in love with the way he spoke about ecology and nature, weaving in psychology, the Vedic worldview, indigenous wisdom, and personal development.

In this episode Laura chats with permaculture teacher, psychologist and Ayurveda expert Ian Trew, exploring the physical, psychological and spiritual world that is permaculture.

What they talk about in this episode:

  • Ian’s inspiring life story that took him from the country, to the military, to permaculture.
  • What permaculture actually is.
  • How we currently grow food and what needs to change.
  • Holistic habitat design – rethinking and redesigning how we live.
  • Cradle to grave design.
  • The psychological, emotional and sociological aspects of permaculture.
  • The differences between organic, biodynamic, agroforestry and syntropic farming.
  • The need for embodied ecological role models.
  • Accessing the flow state and the one thing you start doing right now to flow with nature.

  Listen to the podcast here:


The Feel Good Community Podcast


The Mahasoma Channel:


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