Noosa Forest Retreat offers affordable healthy accommodation, home or private retreat.

Healthy Accommodation At Noosa Forest Retreat. Short to Long term. Share or Private. Holiday personal retreat or permanent residency.  Rent, work exchange or purchase. Co-ownership options available,  limited opportunity to purchase shares for sale.

We believe that when a body (our own or the earths) shows symptoms it is a healing opportunity.

The symptom is giving you feedback that the body requires and is in the process of re-balance.

A running nose is toxins locked up in mucus being ejected from the body.

Skin conditions are an opportunity for the body to emit toxins out through the skin.

Taking anti-biotics is taking an anti-life pill.  It destroys the offending micro-organisms as well as all of the good bacteria.  However, it takes the body further out of balance in the process.  A classic example of two steps forward followed by three steps back.

Stress, poor eating habits, lack of sleep, lack of healthy accommodation and lack of adequate exercise are examples which can tip the body balance from a harmony of good and bad bacteria.  By killing all of the bacteria with the use of antibiotics, we end up with a vulnerable body ready to be taken over by more of the baddies.

A welcome stay  utilising healthy accommodation in a beautiful green forested setting at Noosa Forest Retreat  enables the opportunity for you to revitalise, refresh and re-balance your body, mind and spirit. Healthy accommodation set amongst developing permaculture organic soil building and food garden systems exploring ways of living in co-operation with others (people & animals) and the land that are also good for the health of the planet.

You have a rare opportunity to nourish your body with organic farm fresh food picked straight from the garden, to get close to nature, learn about organics and permaculture and be involved in growing food and developing a more intimate relationship with the whole life cycle of nature, from soil to psyche.

Come and develop understanding, personal responsibility and subsequent health by participating  in your own natural lifestyle adventure,  or personal health care regime at Noosa Forest Retreat.

Please contact us at to organise your healthy Noosa hinterland forest accommodation.

For those requiring detox and healthy lifestyle assistance supervised personal health retreats are currently only offered from our beach front location at Beach Health Retreat. right on the sparkling beach in the heart of the Sunshine Coast.  Noosa Forest retreat offers a grass roots affordable option for those who have had a stay at our health retreat to continue with a self managed program utilising the affordable accommodation, healthy country setting, rain water and organic permaculture  gardens.


Deb Pepperdine & Ian Trew


Please note that any mentions of health in any Noosa Forest Retreat literature are purely perspectives, not medical ones. For the medical perspective, please consult your physician or health professional.