Permaculture & Organic Produce Delivery

Permaculture & Organic Farm Produce delivery

Permaculture seasonal farm Fresh,  nutrient rich organic produce ( fruits, vegetables, herbs, root crops & eggs) delivered to your home or restaurant kitchen!

Direct farm to door service delivering healthy fresh local permaculture & organic whole food produce and products including raw milk to the Sunshine Coast for 10 years.

Note; we are in the process of expanding the property  and as part of this process have largely and temporarily shut down the market gardens and returned to work of site to raise required capital. It is envisioned that the new purchase will provide oppourtunity for more share holders and ultimately more permaculture produce being produced for both the retreat and local delivery.

We are continuing to deliver key crops like ginger, turmeric, garlic,  banana, mango, eggs, raw milk to restaurants and long term customers and have limited availability of this produce to ongoing requests.

Local Permaculture Course (PDC) graduates get a discount on permaculture food deliveries and can also exchange or barter their own produce as part of our ongoing local support.


Please call  Permaculture community Farm during office hours on 5409 7577 or text only to 0400 80 33 93