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Holistic Community living

Community living goals of Noosa Forest Retreat  begin with a  holistic or integral vision of life with a  central value of treating the land and all life on it as sacred and utilising  organic and permaculture farming to do so. With our organic, permaculture farming we are not only growing nutritious food, but we are creating a healthy community starting with the earth and for all creatures in and on the earth including us.

Like it is said by Masanobu Fukuoka, “The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and evolution of human beings.” Along with sustainable organic & permaculture farming, we practice yoga, Ayurveda, massage, and a holistic lifestyle following “simple living, higher thinking.” The goal of our Holistic community on the Sunshine Coast is to set up sacred space for individuals that are ready to commit to explore themselves and there place as part of the environment; whether it be music, literature, art, gardening, or whatever your interest may be. We are a grassroots holistic community with open hearts and all are welcome. For information on our integral living philosophy see our philosophy page.

We continue to invite, involve and aim to inspire individuals to transform there lives and take up holistic/ecological living principles whether with us or on there return home.

Accommodation is offered short to long term, private and share.

Permaculture Design Certificates Courses (PDC), introduction to permaculture  and permaculture internships in various  education packages are offered to the public by the Noosa forest Retreat community in Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland.   See our Permaculture Design certificate Course (PDC) page for details of next course.

For more info on our community and what we are about, please visit our contact us page. Namaste

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