Permaculture Accommodation House

Permaculture Accommodation currently available (limited time only)

Are you committed to a lifestyle of personal growth, living close to nature, exploring and developing permaculture, Natural Integrated health, Yoga, deep ecology, research and or teaching of the above?

Noosa Forest Retreat currently has a limited new position for long term resident with demonstrable experience and commitment in one of the above areas, offering private accommodation, services & shared organic garden space, tools & equipment, permaculture education, support and access to teaching space. Are you interested in this lifestyle adventure? If so you are invited to apply for a special and unique offer to join our community.

Current accommodation options include;

1) PRIVATE ROOM;  furnished or unfurnished room in student house for 3 months or longer (see remaining pictures, end of this page)  including all services, library, private & community garden space and food from organic gardens;  Work exchange also available for those with experience.

2) For overnight accommodation see air B&B.

All long term accommodation (6 months plus) includes oppourtunity for  PDC with $700 discount.

Appreciation, qualifications, references, participation and commitment to development of a Organic permaculture property is a necessity for successful applicants.

To apply please goto & leave details (including type & duration of accommodation prefered at:

Apply Online Here


Noosa Forest Retreat Permaculture community is beautifully nestled amongst the foothills of Mothar mountain bordering Woondum National Park in the Noosa hinterland Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia.

You will be looked after here for basic healthy accommodation.  Here you can rent and be fully supported in your natural health journey to grow organic or permaculture food with fertile land, abundant fresh rain water, irrigation systems, tools and support provided. Residents are also supported in their natural health and permaculture interests with special rates on permaculture courses from $700 for the full 12 day permaculture course (full price from $1600). There is also option for longer term residents to become a co-owner by purchasing freehold land or private share of this early stages developing  Noosa permaculture community property on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.

Healthy Permaculture Accommodation

Healthy accommodation at Noosa Forest Retreat offers a rural organic hand farming green paradise surrounded by National Park, old growth forest and fresh water streams.  Refresh your mind, body and spirit in a holistic organic permaculture Noosa community with accommodation surrounded by organic permaculture gardens, a food forest,  the native bush and wildlife. The property is a registered  land for wildlife forest reserve and also listed by United Nations as a biosphere.  Through working with nature and healthy living, we aim to benefit people and natural ecosystems.

Take the rare opportunity to nourish your body with organic food picked fresh from the garden, to be encompassed by nature, and learn about organics and permaculture especially as applied to a subtropical Queensland environment. Here you can be involved in growing food and developing a more intimate relationship and understanding with the whole life cycle of nature.

Noosa Forest Retreat itself is in a protected valley with great soil and water supply and growing organic food systems and is the ideal location for a grass roots holistic lifestyle or lifestyle experience for individuals or couples on a budget and wanting to develop or restore health for themselves and there families with reasonably priced accommodation letting. Particularly suitable for vegetarians and vegans who will appreciate the slowly developing animal friendly organic food gardens. For more information on our community living see our community living page.

If you are not looking to do any permaculture or organic gardening, but are looking for relaxing healthy accommodation in a subtropical Queensland quiet and friendly place, then this is the perfect nature retreat to be inspired by what you love to do. Whether you are an artist, author, musician, or simply living a spiritual life, you will certainly fit in here at our community with a Noosa hinterland healthy accommodation option to suit.

Permaculture   education, introductions & Full Permaculture  Design Certificate courses (PDC) Residents of Noosa Forest Retreat gain special lower prices including work exchange arrangements to complete our education courses including the Full Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC).  For details of next course see our  Permaculture Design certificate Course page

For further questions and to apply for accommodation please goto & leave details at  Accommodation Volunteer Application page.

Freehold land and share land purchase;  also available for those wanting long term accommodation or to join community as co-owners.  see Land Share Options

Noosa Forest Retreat accommodation situated in foothills of Mothar mountain surrounded by Woondum National Park in Kin Kin, Noosa hinterland Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia.



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Sunshine Coast Permaculture accommodation Noosa
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Noosa organic permaculture share property accommodation Queensland Australia

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