Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Herb of the Month

Ayurveda utilises our connection to the entire universe and natural substances and herbs to restore and develop health and wellbeing. Ginger “Vishwabheeshaja” The Universal Medicine Ginger root is popularly known for its strong pungent taste and sweet aroma especially in Asian cuisine and is now commonly found in most western kitchens around the world. There … Read more

Hello world! Ayurveda Holistic Counselling & Organics with Ian Trew

Accommodation plus on a share organic, permaculture property project in the Noosa hinterland.  Keep an eye on this page for information on integrated living including useful tips and insights in Ayurveda , Yoga and permaculture as well as great offers on budget grass roots accommodation, self catered bur supported retreats programs, organic produce and quality health products.  also  see … Read more